STAT ​Qualifying Exam

​The qualifying exam consists of four (4) written subject exams, one (1) in each of the core courses in the core curriculum. It is given twice per year: during the final exams of the Fall semester and immediately after the final exams of the Spring semester, or as feasible. The Fall semester qualifying exam is the final exam of each of the core courses given during the Fall semester. The Spring semester exam is a three 3-hour exam per subject prepared by the faculty teaching the core courses. The exams are given over the course of a few days in both Spring and Fall.

Students are encouraged to take all four (4) qualifiers in their first semester of the Ph.D. program. Students have two (2) chances to take each exam and can retake only those exams they did not pass. They are required to pass all four (4) qualifying exams within one (1) year. No extension is given except under extenuating circumstances. Each exam is passed if the student obtains a score of at least 70% in that exam. If a student at the end of the first year of Ph.D. has only passed 3 out of 4 qualifiers then the case is reviewed by the Qualifying Exam Committee and it is decided if the student can proceed with the Ph.D. For more details related to the Ph.D. qualifying exam, contact the STAT Program Coordinator.

It is the responsibility of the student to inform the Dissertation Defense Committee of his/her progress, deadlines for submitting graduation forms, the defense date, etc. It is required that the student submits her/his dissertation to the STAT Program Coordinator nine weeks prior the defense date in order to receive feedback from the committee members in a timely manner.